European collaboration

There is European collaboration on meteorological weather forecasting, satellites, economic interest groupings and other networks.

ECMWF - the European Weather Forecasting Centre 
The main task of the European Weather Forecasting Centre ECMWF in Reading, England, is the development of numerical models for the production of weather forecasts of up to ten days and disseminating these to member countries. The development of methods for seasonal forecasting is a new focus area at the centre. 

EUMETSAT - the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
EUMETSAT is a west European organisation for the operation and exploitation of meteorological satellites. In 1998, it adopted a programme to develop and launch European * polar orbiting satellites. This is very costly, but the benefits are considerable for the Nordic countries. The first satellite was launched in 2006 and provides access to a plethora of new observation data, not least from observation poor sea areas in the Norwegian Sea. 

ECOMET - the Economic Interest Grouping of the National Meteorological Service of the European Economic Area
ECOMET is a European economic interest grouping between the national meteorological institutes. The aim, amongst other things, is to make meteorological data and products more easily accessible for users. 

EUMETNET - the Network of European Meteorological Services
EUMETNET is a network among the national European meteorological institutes for utilising common resources more efficiently. Here individual institutes take on specific tasks.